How Do You #CookieBoss?


Girl Scout Cookies are iconic and fun. They grant people with a wealth of nostalgia and come in a tasty variety. Just like Thanksgiving, New Year’s and Christmas, Girl Scout cookies are something that people wait all year for and get excited about. But more importantly, it allows us to hold off on those New Year’s resolution “eat healthy” plans just a little bit longer. Besides, it’s all about supporting our girls, right?

It takes a lot of hard work to keep something as special as Girl Scout Cookies at the forefront of everyone’s mind, especially when we’re getting over how much we actually spent during the holidays. It also takes a lot of teamwork from Girl Scouts and their amazing troop leaders who make it all happen. Each strategy, selling point and goal is different. So different that we want to know how you pull it off! We want to hear how you’re preparing for the cookie whirlwind, learn fool-proof tips for success and support your troop goals. What gets your girls pumped? Where do you draw your inspiration? By telling your story you won’t just bring a positive change, you’ll also shed light on the fact that the cookie program is about more than Thin Mints and Samoas.

So help us spread the word when you #ShareYourStory! It’s really easy, too. In your words, tell us your cookie story, attach a photo and send it to where we’ll post it on our Facebook page. This is happening all cookie season long so there’s plenty of time for you to get the spotlight.

Whose story will we tell first? It’s up to you to decide!

Don’t forget, cookies go on sale Friday, January 15. Tell your friends to tell their friends!

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