How Can You Stand Up to Bullying?

Did you have a bully growing up? Did it have an effect on your confidence? How did it change you into the person you are today? Sometimes when we think back on our childhood, we dream of having the chance to relive certain days just one more time: free of responsibility, oblivious to the world around us, able to see the magic in anything and using a colorful imagination that helped us make sense of things. But for some, those moments were overshadowed by periods of low self-esteem and people who didn’t make us feel so great about ourselves. October is National Bullying Prevention Month and even today, there are children around the world who struggle to get to class or value themselves because of bullying. The good news is there are ways to help overcome these experiences and come out a stronger person!

1stand up for others

When you stand up for those you see being picked on, you’re not just showing the bully you won’t tolerate their behavior, you’re letting the person being bullied know that they are seen and valued.

2introduce yourself

Not having anyone to talk to can get pretty lonely. However, putting yourself out there and including others will do wonders for your new friend and could create the start of a lasting bond! Imagine how you’d feel if you were left out of a fun activity. There’s nothing worse than a missed opportunity; that includes meeting new people.


At times this is certainly easier said than done, but ignoring a bully sends the message that their behavior isn’t worth addressing. Besides, no one wants to be around negativity all the time. Consistently shutting down their negativity lets the bully know you aren’t entertained in the slightest.


This helps others feel that they are not alone and that things do get better. Your story matters and you can make a difference. It may be hard to understand why bullying affects some more than others, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Turn your mess into a message that will help your peers!

5stay true

It might sound funny, but being the victim of bullying is a test of character and how you approach these situations will ultimately make you a stronger person. So despite you’re experiences, never stop doing what makes you happy. If you enjoy comics, building things or writing poetry, keep it up! Have confidence in your abilities and yourself. When you do, you’ll shine like a star AND it’ll be tough for anyone to bring you down.

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