Girl Scouts Learn About Healthy Relationships

Girl Scouts 3

You can never start too early to begin teaching girls about the importance of building and maintaining healthy relationships. Getting to know others is an experience that begins very early on, and how we respond to these instances (and allow them to affect us) shapes the people we become.

Thanks to Mary Kay, Girl Scout Juniors and Cadettes toured their Dallas headquarters and worked toward earning the Healthy Relationships patch. By earning this patch, girls aren’t just openly stating their support of an end to domestic violence, but can properly identify characteristics in a healthy relationship, too!

So what ingredients do you need to make a healthy relationship?

  1. Treat others with respect – This goes without saying, but in order to have a healthy relationship it’s important to value the other person.
  2.  Resolve conflicts in a gentle way – Disagreements are bound to happen however, resolving them with communication and listening ear can bring a greater understanding.
  3. Help each other become the best they can be – Having a friend that cares about your happiness and goals is definitely someone worth keeping around.  When you have someone like that in your corner, that friendship will last for a long time.

By keeping these rules (and what they’ve learned with Mary Kay)  in mind, our girls will go on to lead happy lives with people who love and support them.  What more could we ask for?Girl Scouts 4

Girl Scouts 5

Girl Scouts TMKB group photo 082015

Girl Scouts TMKB museum tour 082015

Girl Scouts 1

Girl Scouts 2


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