How a Girl Scout Summer Can Prepare Her for School


Learning never stops when your a Girl Scout. When summer vacation rolls around, there’s still fun STEM programs and exciting camping experiences waiting for her. When it’s time to check out for the holiday break, it’s all about sharing the warmth and prepping for Girl Scout Cookie season, and when spring break is on the horizon, there’s even more fun in store. But what’s really cool about keeping our brains wired throughout the year, is that these activities prepare us for our education, the one thing we value as Girl Scouts.

So what did she do this summer that got her ready for another school year? Here’s three major summer events/activities that have surely made their mark:

Summer Camp


When the school bell rings for the last time before the start of summer vacation, the buses are revving their engines to takes loads of excited Girl Scouts to camps all over Texas. The memories she’ll create zip lining across sky, riding a horse or tracking her way around the woods prepares her for overcoming challenges that the start of a school year can bring. Being at camp also helps her come out of her shell and meet new people. Making new friends is back-to-school staple, thanks to camp, meeting people will be a piece of cake!


Summer Reading Program


One way to keep the wheels turning is a good book. Each summer, we offer girls a chance to visit other worlds by way of words. There’s a host of genres she can choose from like fantasy, poetry, non-fictions and others. The cool part is she gets a patch that lets her and others know that she kept busy in a constructive way over the summer. So when the time comes for her to read aloud in class, she’ll have the confidence and experience it takes to take people on a literary journey.


    STEM Summer Series


It’s no surprise that Girl Scouts emphasizes the importance of STEM education. Every chance we get, we strive to incorporate the lessons and fun of STEM into exciting activities. Seeing firsthand what it’s like to live on a college campus, learning about the science of cooking and building her own rocket are just some of the things she did over the summer that will get her pumped for science class. With these activities, she learns that there’s science in everything and that girls are good at it, too! How many of her friends have gotten that same experience?


Whether she participated in one or all of these summer programs, she’s ready to continue her academic journey with confidence because of Girl Scouts. We wish your scout a fun and safe school year!

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