We Are #GirlScoutsUnited!

2015 kickoff logo FINAL

Let the countdown begin! With only one week away and four days before the registration deadline, here’s a little overview of what you can expect at our best Administrative Kickoff yet!

We want all of our members to have a fantastic and easygoing Girl Scout experience, that’s why it’s important that each service unit team leader, staff member and volunteer get the best and latest training in order to help the entire Girl Scout family become that much stronger. This year’s theme, Girl Scouts United, is a clear statement of who we are and who we’ll be moving forward.

Survival Tip 5

Amy Lynch, a “generational” motivational speaker will be at the event to tell us how we can thrive by staying current with the needs of today’s girls and volunteers. She’ll share plenty of encouraging words that will ensure that we reach as many people as possible.

So how will this year’s event change the Girl Scout experience?

“Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the realities and changes of our current landscape”, said Donna Tharp, Manager, Volunteer Development, Adult Development.  “By facing and engaging with these challenges they will be better prepared to face them.  The outcome will be a more inclusive, united membership, with wider perspective. After all, we are one great movement serving girls.”

During Kickoff, we’ll also unite during the general session where we’ll hear from our CEO, Jennifer Bartkowski, and Board Chair Kit Addleman about all of the exciting things we have to look forward to for the upcoming year. Of course there will be in-depth training courses for service unit teams, but a really cool treat to expect are the team adventure exercises!

These exercises are made up of different survival scenarios where teams will unite to determine which course of action is the best, step by step. Do you think you could survive in the Australian outback or face life and death situations in an unfamiliar cave? There’s only one way to find out!

After a full day of learning, fun and fellowship, we’ll take time to recognize this year’s outstanding recipients of both the President’s Award and the Owl Award during a special celebration.

This is simply an event you don’t want to miss! Be part of crafting the vision. We CAN do this. We have the heart. We are #GIRLSCOUTSUNITED.

If you haven’t already, register for Kickoff today!


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