In Your Honor: 2015 Gold Award Ceremony Recap


 The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest honor a Girl Scout can earn. When it first came about in the early 1900s, it’s gone through many name changes from The Golden Eagle of Merit, The Golden Eaglet, First Class and Curved Bar to the present-day Gold Award.

While the names have changed, the significance and hard work put into each community project has always stayed the same. For those who’ve earned this award since it was first introduced, this particular group of award recipients are in an exclusive and elite group of women that have taken on leadership roles and have made the world a better place.


With a variety of Gold Award projects completed this year by 156 girls, this is the second-highest amount of Girl Scouts who have received this award in our council’s history!

In order to have their vision come to life, each Girl Scout worked closely with the a volunteer and parent, a project advisor who’s familiar with the organization or company, and the Gold Award Committee liaison who is there to both approve and finalize the projects as well as answer any questions the girls may have.

These projects ranged from creating drives that donated 11,000 items to be spread out across the community, building culturally diverse (and health conscious) cookbooks for low-income families, and planning curriculum and presentations about aquaponics and gardening, constructing a therapeutic horse ramp and off side ramp for wounded warriors and children with disabilities. One Gold Award recipient even created a permanent exhibition at the The Perot Museum of Nature & Science about cochlear implants!

These are only a few extraordinary girls that have made enormous contributions to their communities; just think of what 156 girls can do all across northeast Texas to change so many lives for the better.

If you missed the Gold Award ceremony, take a look at our photos from the event in our photo album AND the In Your Honor program for a list of all the recipients!


**Congratulations to all of the Gold Award recipients for earning the highest Girl Scout award, the Gold Award Committee, Samsung for supporting programs in East Texas and providing two $2,500 scholarships for East Texas Gold Award recipients. We’d also like to thank The Grainger Foundation for their generous contribution to girls who earned their Gold Award!**


“From years of selling cookies, camping, participating in Girl Scout programs, mentoring, and achieving the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, you have unique skills to offer that others may not have at this stage of their lives. Consider that you have been progressively developing your confidence, your comfort seeking challenges, your critical thinking skills, your teamwork and conflict management skills, among others. You now have practical experiencing leading actual projects in the community, working with others and problem solving. You are unique. You are prepared to lead. ”

-Jennifer Bartkowski, CEO of Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas


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