Scout Spotlight: Sruthi Tummala Earns Her Girl Scout Gold Award with STEM!

Tummala, Sruthi

“These skills I have acquired will help me throughout college and my career.”

-Sruthi on how Girls Scouts has changed her


The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award a Girl Scout can earn. Once achieved, it shows colleges, employers, and your community that you’re out there changing the world.

Meet Sruthi, a Girl Scout Julliette, whose Girl Scout Gold Award project focused on different careers in math and science.

Sruthi planned and created a particular curriculum for 80 fourth grade students at Saint Monica Catholic School to promote cool benefits and advantages of STEM-related careers.

“I wanted the curriculum to be a set of fun and understandable activities that illustrate different STEM careers,” said Sruthi. I brainstormed six different interesting careers. Then, I thought of fun activities to do with those careers to keep the kids  engaged in learning the information.”

She decided to discuss architecture, psychology, computer and health careers, among others.  ‘I divided the broad STEM field into three sections: engineering, math, and science. Science has the most diversity,’ said Sruthi. She also added activities for math and engineering, saying that those areas have the least amount of diversity.’

She even created activities to compliment each career and personally delivered them over several weeks. She even included parents in her project to help reinforce the opportunities and benefits of choosing a career in STEM.

To make STEM entertaining for the students, she related the career of architecture through Legos. With this activity, the students realized the importance of creating a “given blueprint.” Another activity Sruthi created involved robot coding where students got to learn about computer science! With just one sheet of coding terms that signal certain motions, the kids used them to help the robot pick up a beeper!

So how does she feel that Girl Scouting prepared her for the future, she added “By conducting this Girl Scout Gold Award project, I have learned how to implement my ideas. I have improved my communication skills and interacted with adults. Furthermore, I have made a difference in the lives of young children.”

As for her future, Sruthi plans to earn an undergraduate degree in business before heading off to medical school to become an Oncologist. Sruthi will graduate from Ursuline Academy in 2016.

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