Recap: Bronze Blitz Extravaganza!


Bronze Blitz, presented by ExxonMobil, is an exciting event at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science that gives Girl Scouts a chance to get hand-on experiences through science, technology, engineering and math-related activities! During the months of February and March, one weekend was set aside to open their eyes to the prevalence and importance of STEM and how it can be fun. They even got to hear from two women architects who helped design the museum!



This year’s programs featured a variety of activities including structural engineering, programming robotics, and more.


bronze 7


With the help of engineering, Girl Scouts competed to design and build free-standing structures using toothpicks and marshmallows in just two minutes.





Night Sky Activity





Girl Scouts explored the feeling of earthquakes with a bumpy simulator




Others navigated their way through STEM by building and driving robotic cars



There was even a cool machine that, when you place your wrist underneath the light, you can see make up of different veins and arteries!


These STEM-themed events proved to be successful based off of the outcomes of Bronze Blitz:

Goal #1: Girls expressed confidence at performing STEM tasks/experiments

Goal #2: Girls increased their awareness of the role of STEM in their everyday lives

Goal #3: Girls experienced an increased interest in pursuing STEM fields

 Goal #4: Girls grew in their desire to seek challenges

Just think of the ways that we’re helping Girl Scouts develop a love for STEM-related careers  in addition to learning from two women architects who’ve helped design  one of the coolest museums around! Based on these numbers, STEM is not just educational, but fun, too!


*Special Thanks to our friends at ExxonMobil, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, and the Alpha Phi Omega  for their amazing support of Girl Scouts, STEM, and community service!

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