Girl Scouts In Action: Let the Cookie Selling Begin!

Since the news of Girl Scout Cookies being on sale was announced nearly a month ago, we’ve received some pretty cool pictures of cookie bosses working hard to help the community relive their favorite cookies once more. Thanks to the supportive parents and volunteers who inspire our girls each day, we’ve been given a glimpse of what cookie sales have been like!

Meet Allynn! This was her first booth sale of the 2015 cookie season, and boy was she prepared to serve both her community and support our troops!

Allynn Allen Booth Sale

Here’s Belisha Gibson, an Ambassador with Girl Scout Troop 450. She also brings her mother for support and to flash their great smiles! 


And here, we have a very supportive brother helping his sister boost cookie sales with a pretty funny sign! It reads:

“My sister is a Girl Scout and she made me come….please buy cookies so I can go home!”


Take a look at the girls of Girl Scout Troop 06911. Don’t they look excited for cookie season?


And here, we have a Girl Scout Daisy selling cookies to the Wylie Fire Department. I’m sure after all of the hard work they do, they were happy to kick back with a box of cookies.

photo 2

And one lucky girl got to meet (and sell cookies to) Eva Parks, an Investigative Producer for NBC 5!


This Girl Scout Junior was up bright and early to get started on those cookie sales!

Got up this morning to find my Junior Girl Scout hard at work

Meet Girl Scout Troop 6911 of Tyler Texas using both their charm and 5 Skills during a booth sale.


Here’s a few Daisies reminding everyone that, yes, it’s Girl Scout Cookie time.

From Lisa Serrano (4)

Oh, and Super Bowl Sunday didn’t stop these girls from being cookie bosses! Girl Scout Troop 1288 made sure that football fans had their favorite cookies to snack on during the game, too!


Girl Scouts in McKinney dedicated time to selling cookies to during the Super Bowl, complete with a pretty awesome blinged out booth and costumes to match!


Keep ’em coming, girls! These are great pictures that showcase your great personalities and your dedication to being a Girl Scout!

If you have photos from Girl Scout Cookie sales that you’d like to share, please send them to!

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