Sisterly Love: Cadettes Lead A Program Aide Workshop

IMG_3793Last Saturday, nearly 100 Girl Scout Brownies and Daises came together at the JoAnn Fogg Service Center in Dallas where they were led by Girl Scout Cadettes  in areas about dance, science, and more. This was all in an effort to encourage leadership among Cadettes, who were responsible for acting as a mentor and planning and implementing the activities! Among the Daises and Brownies, girls of each grade level were given the opportunity to earn either three badges or five petals.


One of the badges Brownies could earn was the Dancer badge. During this activity, Cadettes worked together to provide the music, choreography and even teach the girls how to do the moves!




The girls learned all sorts of dances and looked like they were having a blast, too!



Another badge Brownies could earn was Home Scientist. To earn this one, they agreed that making their own ice cream would be the most fun (and yummy)!


With the help of a few Ziploc bags and other tools, they learned that salt keeps the ice cream temperature low enough to freeze milk, and how the sugar prevents the ice cream from turning into one huge ice chunk!


Through this activity, they learned that science doesn’t just happen in a lab, it happens everywhere, even in ice cream!


Over at the Daises’ area, they earned their Vi, Gerri and Gloria petals. In order to earn their “respect authority” petal, the girls worked together to create posters thanking their local police officers for protecting their communities.



Inside the cards, they wrote sweet messages:

‘Thank you for keeping us safe from the bad guys. You’re a great hero!’

‘Thank you for helping us. That was very good and I love it!’

‘Police are royal.’

‘I like your help.’



To say that this event was a success is an understatement. Not only did the Cadettes spend time with younger Girl Scouts from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m., but they showed what it takes to be a leader AND earned a their Program Aide pin. Not bad, girls!



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