Scout Spotlight: Girl Scout Troop 8422 Earns Bronze Award

scoutspotlight photo

Eight Girl Scout Juniors of service unit 406, Girl Scout Troop 8422, received their Girl Scout Bronze Award pin in a recognition ceremony on Sunday, December 14, 2014 at Westside Baptist Church in Lewisville!

The Bronze Award is the highest honor a Junior can achieve. The award recipients, Amara B., Shian B., Tierani F., Jayden G., Kyla H., Breayna J., Kiley R., and Lauen T., all in grades 4 and 5, set out to help the Lewisville Animal Shelter with needed food supplies, adoptions, and to raise funds for neutering and spaying both dogs and cats last summer.

Westside Baptist Church supported a “Change for Change” donation drive held by the girls, enabling them to collect over $400 in cash donations, as well as various dog and cat food supplies. In addition, the girls received a gift card donation from a local Wal-Mart and used $200 of their Girl Scout Cookie funds to purchase more food and supplies at Petco!

“This was a team/troop/family effort that involved our dads and older Girl Scouts from this multi-level troop.  We are very proud of what these girls accomplished.”

-Kim Hughes

When the girls delivered the items they collected for the Lewisville Animal Shelter, they spent three hours volunteering to make homemade dog treats, play with the dogs and tour the facility.

Way to go, girls! Because of all of your hard work, there’s a lot of happy and healthy cats and dogs who will be very well taken care of!

*Special thanks to both Kim Hughes,  volunteer with Girl Scout Troop 8422, and  Stacey Campbell,  volunteer with both  Girl Scout Junior Troop 8953 & Girl Scout Senior Troop 79, for sharing this story. Do you have something to share with your GSNETX family? Send your photos and stories to!

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