New Year, New Beginnings

Happy New Year

The most refreshing part of starting a new year, are the number of new experiences waiting for us each day. The uncertainty alone is enough to provoke our growing desire to be the best version of ourselves and to give back to the community. However, a Girl Scout doesn’t need the start of a new year to jump into action. It’s simply in her heart to make an impact with every adventure she encounters.

As for us, the goal has been, and always will be, to help girls find their passion and to nurture them into the the leaders of tomorrow, not just because we know they’re capable, but because we believe every girl is destined for greatness. Which bring us to one of the most exciting things about Girl Scouts: cookies!

Both door-to-door and booth sales are slated to begin, Friday, January 16 and we expect to see a lot of enthusiastic people ready to enjoy their favorite treats once again. But it’s not just about the cookies, it’s the skills too. As you prepare to take on another year of Girl Scout Cookie sales, be sure to remember what it’s really about: building girls for the future through use of the 5 skills.

Goal Setting: Selling Girl Scout Cookies allows her get creative, work in teams and design a business plan to help fund their next adventures!

Decision Making: We make choices everyday. When your Girl Scout sells cookies, she’ll build the courage it takes to make decisions, whether difficult or not. It also teaches her how to think critically and solve problems. This skill is sure to come in handy as she grows into in future leadership roles!

Money Management: The earlier she learns how to manage money, the better equipped she’ll be to handle any sudden curve balls that life may throw. By selling Girl Scout Cookies, she’ll directly handle customers’ money and become a financial literacy pro, which is a surefire way to be one step ahead of the rest!

People Skills: Being a Girl Scout is all about community involvement. At booth sales, she’ll engage with diverse members of the community, develop healthy relationships and more!

Business Ethics: As the Girl Scout Law states, “I will do my best to be honest and fair.” Business Ethics is a skill that teaches Girl Scouts to be responsible with EVERY Girl Scout Cookie sale, all while developing positive values that will ultimately make the world that much brighter!

However you choose to paint your portrait of 2015, remember that your GSNETX family stands behind you through it all as a spirited sidekick, wishing you well not only in cookie sales, but  anything you put your mind to. With courage, confidence, and character, who knows what we’ll accomplish next?

For more information about the Girl Scout Cookie Program, head over to Texas Cookie Time!

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