Can You Spot Juliette?

During her life, Juliette Gordon Low loved to travel. Juggling between managing the Girl Scouts and her personal life, she enjoyed splitting her time between the United States and England.

Today, Juliette continues to travel the world. This time, she made a stop in the Lone Star State where she got to meet members of troop 6549 in Wylie!


 Daisy shared lunch where she was introduced to the childhood food staple, SpaghettiOs


Took a photo with Mickey Mouse


Traveled back in time to take a picture in a more familiar era


Helped with an art project



Got a taste of what door-to-door sales are like with this Daisy



Visited a local playground



Smiled big in front of a fountain



Took some R&R on the swing with a sister Girl Scout



And took a couple of group photos.




Where will you take Juliette next? If you have pictures about your adventures with Daisy, send them to!


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