Scout Spotlight: Service Unit 406

To some, the look of a chilly, muddy day means staying indoors. But not for Service Unit 406! When they looked out the window and didn’t see the sun, they did see a great opportunity to help the environment.

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Girl Scouts from Lewisville and Highland Village lent a hand in the nursery area at the Lake Lewisville Environmental Learning Agency. Like many Texans, these Scouts were concerned about the preservation of native grasses like baby bluestem. Their support in maintaining the Texas land is part of an ongoing project to restore our prairies! During their community project, Service Unit 406 transplanted many of the grasses that will be planted come spring.

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Over the years, much of the Texas prairie has been destroyed, and it wasn’t until now that environmental scientists and the community realized just how important these grasses are. In fact our prairies are so important, they’re responsible for water conservation, water purification and erosion control! In a state like Texas, it definitely helps to have these grasses working on our side, especially during those summer months.

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Great job, girls! Not only are you helping your community, you’re also helping all of the animals who call Texas home, too!

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*Special thanks to Girl Scout troop leader Stacey Campbell of Junior troop 8953 and Senior troop 79 for sharing this inspiring story!

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