GSNETX & Sleep Experts Share the Warmth

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What is it about winter that brings on a cozy feeling? Could it be the chill in the air or the early, everlasting onset of holiday music in public places? Maybe it’s the idea of spending time with loved ones or taking the first sip of hot chocolate from your favorite mug. Whatever triggers your holiday spirit, it goes without saying that winter can mean braving the cold with no comfort.

Thousands of people in the Dallas Metroplex experience the worst of winter every year. In an effort to ensure that everyone stays warm this winter, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas is partnering with Sleep Experts for its annual Share the Warmth event!

Each holiday season, Sleep Experts works to collect blankets and other comfort items from the community and donates them to local nonprofit organizations like The Family Place and Interfaith Housing Coalition. It’s been 11 years since the very first Share the Warmth blanket drive, and since then, thousands of people have benefited from the generosity of their community. This year, all donated goods will benefit Dallas-area nonprofit, CitySquare!

Chief Development Officer, Shawn Wills, says that while this is their first year participating in Share the Warmth, the relationship between CitySquare and Sleep Experts is anything but new.

“At the end of the day, we’re excited to be able to help our neighbors who, many of them, lack the necessities we take for granted,” Wills said. “We just want to help as many people as we can.”

Kristi Noel, a CitySquare employee, shared the same sentiment, believing that Share the Warmth can also highlight the diverse population they serve each day.

“A misconception is we only help the homeless,” Noel said.

The Donor and Volunteer Engagement Manager added that CitySquare provides resources for low-income families and youth.

Guided by its mission to fight the ‘root causes of poverty through service, advocacy, and friendship’, CitySquare knows how appreciated and important Share the Warmth is to the community. For more than 25 years they’ve aided those living in poverty by ‘feeding the hungry, healing the sick housing the homeless, and renewing hope in the heart of our city’. By donating your comfort items to CitySquare, it’s easy to see the kind of impact that can be made!

Just last year, Sleep Experts and more than 2,000 Girl Scouts collected more than 6,000 blankets and comfort items for homeless shelters across North and Central Texas!

“My role is to be excited and talk about it and say thanks to the donors and the partners.”

-Shawn Wills, CitySquare Chief Development Officer

You can help, too! During the entire month of November, members of the community can donate gently used blankets, comforters, pillows, sheets and towels. Just round up any extra comfort items you have and drop them off at any of Sleep Experts’ 50+ locations in DFW!

This holiday, let’s share more than just a season with our neighbors. Share the warmth and a fellow North Texan can enjoy a toasty, happy winter!


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