We Can’t Wait!

‘Tis the season for recruitment! We’re ready and excited for another year of shaping young girls into the leaders of tomorrow, and even more thrilled to create lasting memories with new members! And when your daughter just can’t wait to do something amazing, you know she’ll be in good company as a Girl Scout!

So what’s all the fuss about scouting? Our organization is built on a foundation designed to help girls discover a world of endless possibilities, a Girl Scout world! We strive to be an ally in our girls’ growth by teaching them about their world, getting involved in their communities and aiming high. What better time to encourage a young girl than when she’s off to school and making friends on her own? Just think of a time when you couldn’t wait to do something? “I Can’t Wait” perfectly expresses your, and our, feelings about getting girls involved in fun opportunities and healthy, lasting relationships!

“It is exciting and rewarding to see the girls try new things, learn new things, share their knowledge with younger Scouts, and mature into leaders.”

                        – Girl Scout Volunteer

Did you know that 96 percent of parents said their daughter has tried something new?* Or that 90 percent say their daughter feels special and has more friends?* It was this same level of confidence that inspired a few former Girl Scouts to lead influential lives including Taylor Swift, Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton and thousands more! It’s no wonder that over 80 percent of alumnae believe the Girl Scouts influenced their success.* Looking at these results, we can’t wait to see where these girls go and what gifts they give the world!

So what exactly are some of the things we can’t wait for? For our girls to become familiar with their community’s needs! To awaken their interests in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs! To try something new! For their world to get bigger each day! And most of all, inspiring them to grow into young women of courage, confidence and character!

Of course, none of what we do at GSNETX would be possible without the help of our girls, volunteers and community; all of whom are eager to get out there and change the world. As our campaign states, “I Can’t Wait” embodies the attitude we all share when it comes to making a difference. What can’t you wait to do with Girl Scouts?

*Source: Girl Scouts of the USA summer 2014 Pulse Poll

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