Meet the GSNETX Fund Development Team

At Girl Scouts, we know that when given the opportunity, girls can change the world. By investing in Girl Scouts, you help ensure every girl reaches her fullest potential. When girls succeed, so does society. Together we will get her there.


Caytie Langford
Chief Development Officer

“My personal and professional passion is ensuring that girls succeed! Research shows that investing in girls is the number one way to change our world. Being a part of the Girl Scouts fund development team means I have the opportunity every day to invite others to be a part of changing girls lives…WOW!!”


Aisha McClendon
Director of Corporate Relations

“I love being at Girl Scouts not just because I am an alum, but also because each day I have the opportunity to talk about the amazing things we do in our council to make learning come alive and show girls that they too can lead. Because of this I feel confident telling community partners that we truly do build girls of courage, confidence, and character who will make the world a better place.”


Ruthie Umberger
Director of Individual and Major Gifts

“I’m so excited to work for an organization that lets girls decide who they want to be and arms them with the tools to achieve their goals. By empowering girls, I truly believe we can change our communities and the world. Our team, with the help of community investors, helps make this happen.”


Brianna Morris
Fund Development Coordinator

“Being a part of an organization that plays a critical role in creating our future female leaders motivates me every day. Not only does Girl Scouts expose girls to new experiences and adventures, we also encourage them to think beyond their everyday lives and discover how they can impact the lives of others within and outside of their communities. Being on the fund development team, allows me to share our mission and the story of our girls with the broader community so that they invest in helping our girls make the world better place.” 


Janice Mitchell
Fund Development Services Associate

“I am excited to be a part of the fund development team. We are truly dedicated to providing girls of all ages unique opportunities, relevant programs, and experiences that allow them to have fun while learning skills that help them succeed in their future endeavors.”

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