Troop 432 Supoorts Dallas SOUPMOBILE

Troop 432 from Richardson has taken their Girl Scout Journey into the community by being “Agents of Change” and improving the world around them.

The Girl Scouts Juniors chose to help the Dallas SOUPMOBILE, a mobile soup kitchen that  serves more than 200,000 meals per year and shelters the homeless in group homes.

The troop began their project in October 2013 by collecting snacks and by February they had collected and donated 3, 460 individual items.  The snacks were packaged and placed in 865 lunches distributed by volunteers at the SOUPMOBILE.  

“I discovered I’m capable of more than I think” –   Karoliina, Girl Scout Junior


“I felt good about thinking of others first before myself, and I feel empowered by making a change in my community!” – Macy, Girl Scout Junior


“I really felt like I made a difference in ending world hunger. By not just thinking about myself, but about less fortunate people who need help.” – Sarah, Girl Scout Junior


“By engaging in this project, the sentiment all the girls felt was to always be thankful for what they have, help others who are in need, and that it’s good to feel that they can make a difference in their world. [We] are so proud of the girls and their efforts and are overwhelmed by the passion the girls demonstrated.” – Troop Leaders Kristin and Anna Marie


“The Girl Scout organization implements the concept of volunteering at a young age.  These girls are learning skills they will use later in life.  It teaches them to be future leaders with compassion, responsibility and insight.  The girls are infused with the potential of being the change they wish to see.” – Troop Volunteer Gina Gory


photophoto_2Troop  432  Donates to SOUPMOBILE

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