Bronze Blitz Extravaganza

GSNETX welcomed a total of 263 Girl Scout Juniors and 149 adults to several science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) events this fall at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. The events, Bronze Blitz Extravaganza, provided girls an opportunity to engage in STEM activities, connect with role models, and learn about STEM careers.

The events incorporated the Girl Scout Leadership Journey “Get Moving!” from the It’s Your Planet – Love It! and also included the importance of earning the Girl Scout Bronze Award, the highest award a Junior can earn.

“I enjoy STEM! I get to do experiments like make an ‘easy motor’ and learn more about electricity and how it is made.  I also get to learn more about the environment. [Learning about STEM] is a big help when it comes to studying for my math tests for school” said Kyla, a Girl Scout Junior and Bronze Blitz attendee.

At GSNETX, our vision is to excite, engage, and encourage girls to purse STEM-related higher education and careers, one of the greatest opportunities available to the next generation of female leaders.

“Personally I am so glad that Girl Scouts has taken on the STEM initiative.  This is wonderful, because as a female engineer myself, I know that not too many girls even think about pursuing careers in the STEM fields” noted Kim, Kyla’s mother.

For more information on Bronze Blitz Extravaganza visit

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