Camp Rocky Point

By Rayanne Kruse

The countdown is on for the end of camp this summer for GSNETX! Last week I visited one of the last sailing sessions for the camp season at Rocky Point on Lake Texoma. This camp has a large variety of water activities including swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and sailing!

IMG_1849 IMG_1791 IMG_1799

This week of camp was amazing because it had such a large age range of girls in attendance. Anyone going into second grade through seniors in high school is eligible for camp!

One of the amazing attributes of Rocky Point is its facilities. Unlike the other camps here in Northeast Texas, Rocky Point has platform tents for campers to stay in for the week. These tents are the perfect medium between cabins and tent camping! They are elevated on platforms off the ground and are big enough to hold four framed beds and all the gear the girls have for the week.

IMG_1891 IMG_1885 IMG_1785

Rocky Point has a great sailing program whether it is your first time on a boat or you’re a sailor at heart. The girls are placed on boats with a partner and they learn how to control and change their tactics based on the conditions on the lake.  We saw some great teamwork on the lake from the girls as they enhanced their sailing skills and boat etiquette.  

IMG_1832 Bella and Dani IMG_1809

Aside from the amazing water activities that are available to the girls they also participate in archery, hiking, games, and their camp capers or camp chores. The day that I visited there were also a large amount of friendship bracelet making in the unit shelters. I never knew that there were so many different ways to braid a friendship bracelet!

IMG_1783 Arden_6 IMG_1856 IMG_1857

This visit was one of my favorites of the summer! I have never been to a camp with a sailing program. I just wish that I would have had the opportunity to attend a camp at Rocky Point when I was a girl!

IMG_1883 IMG_1869 IMG_1844

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