Gardening at Camp Whispering Cedars

Post and photos by: Rayanne Kruse

It is the third week of summer camp for GSNETX ! I had the amazing opportunity to visit camp Whispering Cedars this week during the Rainbow Ridge: 50 States in 5 Days. This day camp allows the girls to get acquainted with Girl Scout Camp traditions and etiquette without the overnight aspects of resident camp.


Throughout the week the girls participated in a multitude of activities including swimming, archery, crafts, and singing camp songs. There was also a special gardening project occurring at Camp Whispering Cedars early in the week. This project was to take a rustic area of camp, clear it of debris, and make it into a garden for everyone to enjoy.


I was lucky enough to visit camp on the day that the gardening project was taking place. An area at the top of the camp was selected for the garden, and multitude of plants and tools were purchased with a grant from Alcoa, which will help  to ensure that the garden will be around for future campers.

The space before we started the garden.

The space before we started the garden.

Our supplies for the day!

Our supplies for the day!

It was the perfect day for gardening!  The day campers, members of GSNETX’s Global Green Team, and volunteers from the Capital One DFW Green Team all pitched in to help us clear the area, prepare the ground, plant, mulch, water, and lay stones around the new area.



The project required quite a bit of elbow grease in order to get the ground cleared and ready for plants.  The campers and volunteers were extremely devoted to the project, assisted in anyway they were asked, and worked in teams to make sure tasks were completed.



The girls learned about the nature around them and the importance of giving back. They were very interested in learning about each plant that was chosen for the project, as well as where and how to plant them so that they had the best chance of survival. By working together we were able to complete the project by the end of camp that day!


Our Completed Garden!

Our Completed Garden!

Without the assistance from the Global Green Team and the Capital One DFW Green Team this  project would not have been possible. Thank you to everyone who helped in anyway to create such a beautiful space at Camp Whispering Cedars that will be enjoyed for years to come!

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