Kicking Off Summer Camp at Camp Bette Perot!

By: Rayanne Kruse

Last week was the first week of resident summer camp! The counselors were more than happy to greet the first set of campers at Camp Bette Perot after completing training. They have high hopes for the summer and are ready to meet and help guide the girls!

“I hope girls learn to take a risk and achieve the next level.  A little higher on the rock climbing wall, riding a horse or leading the group in an activity.”

 “I want them to gain camaraderie with each other and make new friends.”

“Be introduced to something that might become their passion.”










The Girl Scouts participated in a slew of activities in the 3-day camp session. I was lucky enough to visit Camp Bette Perot and see all of the exciting activities!

Bette Perot is home to an award winning Equestrian Program, which comes as no surprise after seeing the amazing trained Equestrian staff and their dedication and love of the sport. The girls were ready to ride after some safety instruction and gear selection with the help of staff. The campers learned how to respect and interact with their horses as well as each other on the trail, got on their horses, and went on an amazing trail ride through the camp.

IMG_1504IMG_1527 IMG_9098

Singing songs at Girl Scout Camp is one of my favorite memories! I loved the song sessions before the flag ceremony and lunch. Some of the songs we even sing in Colorado at my home camp, which made me feel right at home.

IMG_1547 IMG_1549

After some ‘turtle time’ in the cabins for the girls to reenergize they were back out again on the ropes course! The course gets girls to problem solve in a team atmosphere in order to complete the different challenges. Such a great team builder and communication exercise for all the campers and counselors!

IMG_9063 IMG_9055

What an amazing kick-off to summer camp with so many more exciting camps!

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