Donor Spotlight: Meet the Plenger Family

Girl Scout troop leader Amy Plenger and her husband Nick have always given to charitable organizations as a way to help others. They currently give to GSNETX’s Family Partnership.

Parents: Nick and Amy Plenger (Amy has received her five and 10 year Service Pins, the Appreciation Pin, President’s Award, and has been named an Outstanding Leader, Green Angel and Outstanding Volunteer)

Children: Monica (a Girl Scout Ambassador working on her Gold Award), Haley (a Girl Scout Senior finishing her Sow What Journey in preparation for starting her Gold Award), and Jeremy (Boy Scout).

What do you hope others learn from your leadership and giving?

“I hope others realize how important the Girl Scout organization is to the future of our children.  We believe in giving everyone the opportunity to become strong leaders through experience and encouragement from caring adults.  The job of developing leadership qualities should not be left to chance.  By supporting Girl Scouts we are making the world a better place one child at a time.”

Amy, why does your family choose to give to GSNETX Family Partnership?

“My husband and I have always given to charitable organizations as a way to help others.  We primarily give to our church, but then also give to educational institutions, and some local cultural groups.  When we both worked at Texas Instruments, we gave through United Way.  Later we heard from Girl Scouts that we could designate funds to Family Partnership through GSNETX, so we’ve done that for many years since.”

Why is it important to you to give at the Juliette Low Leadership Society level?

“Over the past few years, we have been consolidating our giving towards a more limited number of organizations so we could support each one to a higher degree.  It’s not that the other groups are not worthwhile, but that we wanted to make a significant difference where we contribute.  We already donate a lot of time to GSNETX through our daughters’ troops and our Service Unit, so it seemed to make sense to support the council through our finances as well.” 


Nick, Monica, Jeremy, Haley, & Amy

Click here learn more about Family Partnership. 101_1849 101_1844101_1332

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