“Camp Bette Perot Changed the Course of My Life”

Girl Scout Camp Helped Taylor Find Her Passion

It was Taylor’s experience with horseback riding at Camp Bette Perot as a young scout that sparked her interest in horse competitions, equestrian drill team activities, and animal science.

Her family often laughs that her choice of activities, career choice, and family structure all changed after she rode a horse at camp!

 Meet Taylor, a Girl Scout Senior from Troop 1416

 “After my first summer at Camp Bette Perot, all I wanted to do was go back and ride more.  I went to camp the next few summers and improved my riding.  I even got to vaccinate a horse at the Future Vet camp session.”

“I fell in love with riding.  I started taking lessons in 4th grade.  I am now a freshman in high school and this year we bought my first horse.  I plan on majoring in Animal (equine) Science in college.  Those times I rode at Camp Bette Perot changed the course of my life.” 




Taylor and Jubilee showTaylor and Jubilee sunset






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