Girl Scout Leaders Make Help Make the World a Better Place

In honor of Girl Scout Leader Day and Volunteer Week, we would like to thank all of our Leaders and Volunteers!  

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GSNETX Troop Leader Lisa Tidwell: 

 What do you enjoy most about being a Girl Scout volunteer/leader?

“I enjoy showing the girls that they truly can do anything. I try really hard to make sure that we do things the girls would not normally be able to do in any other group or organization. I like to think I stretch their boundaries and give them a sense of empowerment in their abilities and who they can be in this world. I’ve had my girls going on 7 years now and they are all leaders even if they don’t realize it yet.”

What made you decide to become a Girl Scout volunteer/leader?

 “I think most leaders join because of their daughters. I simply decided that I wanted to make good quality time for her and I wanted to expand her world through nature and friendship. Girl Scouts has done that for her.”

What do you hope others can learn from your leadership?

 “I truly believe that if the girls see adults who care about the Girl Scout program that they themselves will have the same pride as well. Yes, there are many hours behind the scenes, but it’s all worth it when you see the light go on behind the eyes of a girl who surprises herself when she realizes she can do something she never imagined.”

DSCN1388 DSCN4042

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