Brownie Troop Meeting Idea!

One would think that everything that you do with bouncy Brownies would be fun by nature, but that isn’t always the case! Ever had one of those meetings where they just wouldn’t pay attention or they sit in their Brownie Circle looking at you like you have three heads?

Want to know the secret to a FUN, successful GIRL LED meeting?

At our very first meeting of the year, my co-leader, Angelia, and I sat down with the girls and discussed what they wanted to accomplish for the year. What Journey did they want to do? Do they want to camp as a troop, attend a Service Unit campout, or a Council sponsored campout (Fiesta Camp)? We even set our cookie goals at the very first meeting.

Our troop chose to work on the “A World of Girls” Journey and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). We alternate every other meeting between Journey work and STEM work.

Here is a rundown of one of our troop’s favorite STEM meeting this year:

  • Free play until everyone arrives.
  • We sing a song (Brownie Smile Song) to gather the girls into a Brownie Circle. I start the song and the girls stop what they are doing and come running when they hear me. We join hands and they also start singing. As we add girls to the circle, they get louder to get the attention of the girls that haven’t heard us yet. No one wants to be the last one to join the circle!
  • Once our circle is complete, we say the Girl Scout Promise and Law. We then discuss our goals for the meeting. When we are working on STEM, we talk about what the objective of the experiment is, how it is supposed to work, the process, and what they think the outcome will be.
  • Now we get started on the first experiment! For this STEM meeting, we focused on thrust.

Ping Pong Ball Float—Hot Air Balloons

For this experiment, all that is needed are

  • Hair dryers
  • Ping pong balls

Turn on the dryers to the highest setting. Place one ball in the air stream.

The girls loved it! Before we knew it they were adding more balls, running their hands through the air stream to see how if they could keep the ball afloat, and adjusting the air temperature and flow to see what worked the best. They gave each other advice and cheered each other on!

We concluded our meeting by talking about thrust, eye hand coordination, and design.

I hope that this gives you a little inspiration and that you have as much fun as we do!


Cheli H.

Leader, Brownie Troop 2665

Allen, TX


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