Getting Her There, Together

By Alexandra Dailey

Last year during the centennial anniversary of the Girl Scouts, the organization launched their new campaign ToGetHerThere (TGHT). This launch solidified 2012 as “The Year of the Girl,” but also marked the beginning of an era in which the girl will become what she was meant to be—a leader. Yes, 2012 has come and gone, but as Girl Scouts enters into its second century, we plan to make the next 100 years unbelievable, starting with TGHT!

ToGetHerThere is the largest advocacy and fundraising campaign ever dedicated to girls’ leadership. The campaign helps girls discover and attain their leadership potential by breaking down the walls society has erected which discourage females. Today in America, women represent half of the workforce and over half of college graduates—women are ready to lead but are held back by gender stereotypes. With this program we want to create gender-balanced leadership within a generation.



There is an inborn desire for women to make a difference, help others, and to make the world a better place. For those desires to be realized women need to be heard and they need to lead. Unfortunately, negative influences like unhealthy images of beauty, bullying, and a lack of support for those interested in science and math based fields, begin early and keep girls down instead of rising to their true abilities. 

Many girls pretend to have no interest in wanting to lead, while others greatly desire to, but don’t know how. All girls have the aptitude to lead—they’re talented, caring, and hardworking, all in their own ways; they just need support and guidance.  


Our long-term goal is ambitious and to do that, we must ask all adult members of society—mothers, fathers, corporations, governments, and nonprofits—to help girls reach their leadership potential and place this urgent issue front and center on the national agenda. We all have a role to play in helping girls achieve their full leadership potential, because when girls succeed, so does society. Together, we can get her there.

Support the Cause. Participate. Speak Up. Invest.

            To find more information about ToGetHerThere, visit


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