Volunteer Spotlight ~ Carol Short

Volunteering is the act of sacrificing one’s time in order to help others. Volunteers are a huge part of any organization, and here at GSNETX their role and support are valued highly. One such volunteer, Carol Short, has been with the organization for years, giving her time and effort to the girls of Northeast Texas in a multitude of ways.

Carol has participated in many Girl Scout events and programs ranging from Brownie Basics and Quilting Workshops to the 2012 Texas State Fair, which she can be seen helping out at in the picture below. This past year was the 100th Anniversary of the Girl Scout organization—a proud moment for the establishment, where Carol assisted in showcasing the best of Girl Scouts in the Hall of State at the 2012 State Fair of Texas. Carol has given much to the organization, and GSNETX has seen it fit to recognize and honor her, like many others, for her hard work and dedication. To date she’s received 26 awards, a variety containing the Outstanding Leader Award, the Heart of Gold Award, and most recently last spring the Spirit of Excellence Award.

Carol assisted in showcasing the best of Girl Scouts in the Hall of State at the 2012 State Fair of Texas

Carol assisted in showcasing the best of Girl Scouts in the Hall of State at the 2012 State Fair of Texas

“I take Girl Scouts and the whole girl leadership philosophy very seriously and Girl Scouting is seriously good for girls,” Carol said. “When my daughter was in high school we started a Brownie Troop at Faith Lutheran together. Then she went on to college, but the girls in that troop were still involved, so I stayed involved too.  Then they graduated, but I was involved at Twilight Hollow Camp and by that time I was very involved with the Training Department and that led to further involvement with adult volunteers.”

For years Carol has been setting an example for the girls she interacts with at different events and programs, as well as for others who may be considering volunteering. With all her years of service under her belt it is no wild bet that the Girl Scouts, but GSNETX in particular, hold a special place in her giving heart. Let us hope that many more girls and young women will be touched by Carol Short and her generosity over the years to come.

For information on how to volunteer with the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, call (800) 442-2260 or visit www.gsnetx.org

4 thoughts on “Volunteer Spotlight ~ Carol Short

  1. I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with Carol many times over the last 8 years! She is an incredible woman with a generously large heart & passion for Girl Scouts. Thank you Carol Short for all you do for GSNETX!!!

  2. Carol is an amazing lady and a wonderful role model of what a Girl Scout can be. She leads by example and I can only hope to be worthy to follow in her foorsteps. Thank you for everything you do Carol!

  3. Thank you for all you do in Girl Scouting Carol. We are very lucky to have you. You have impacted many, and I am thankful for the time that I have gotten to share with you.

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